Sweetest Dog in the World Sleeps on His Dead Owner's Grave Every Night

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german shepherdOne day I'll be lucky enough to have a dog, and if I'm super duper lucky, he'll be a little something like Capitan, a loyal German Shepherd from Argentina. The story goes like this. Miguel Guzman bought Capitan as a gift for his son back in 2006, and then a year later, Miguel unexpectedly passed away. A week after the funeral, the family couldn't find Capitan anywhere and had assumed he'd run away and/or been struck by a car. Then, when the family went to visit Miguel's grave, there was el Capitan, apparently wailing.

Zomg, my heart is already in my throat. But the story gets even more bittersweet.

The family had never brought Capitan to the graveyard and had no idea how he located it. The cemetery employees say they saw Capitan search each grave site 'til he settled on Miguel's.

Every evening at 6 p.m., Capitan lays down on top of Miguel's burial site and stays there all night, keeping his master company. Sometimes Capitan will visit the family at home, but he always returns to Miguel at night. Always.

Heart bursting yet? No? This'll do it. Miguel's 13-year-old son says:

I've tried to bring Capitan home several times, but he always comes straight back to the cemetery. I think he's going to be there until he dies too. He's looking after my dad.

Is it dusty in here? I think I have something in my eye. Oh wait, no, that's just pure unadulterated emotion.

I think it's time we shut this story down before my tears cause my computer to short-circuit. There is nothing like a dead-father-loyal-dog story to really get the waterworks going -- and even if this is fake, even if Capitan never existed, I don't care, because I feel like it could be real. Dogs, especially my beloved German Shepherds, are wonderfully loyal and supportive creatures who are more than capable of doing something like this.


What do you think of this story?


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USMCw... USMCwife0530

Yep, I'm bawling here!

Knife Knife

If it's true.. That's so sad, yet touching :(

But. I'm leaning towards it being a hoax. I don't understand how a dog could separate his owner's grave from the rest, I think that's highly unlikely..

nonmember avatar Kate

If you love this story go rent the movie Hachi. It stars Richard Geer and is the true life story of this dog in Japan who sat at a train station waiting for his dead master to return from work for like 7 years. There's a statue of the dog in the actual train station. Warning!! Have loads of tissues at the ready.

Stephanie Sherard

It is so sad yet wonderful to know a dog would do that for a master. I know I would want my Diamond to stay with me.

kebrowni kebrowni

I totally believe it. Many years ago, my family had a cat and a German Shepard. Sadly, the cat was hit by a car less than a block from our house. A few days later when we were out walking the dog, she slowed down near the spot, sniffed around, and then proceeded to lay down in the middle of the street...right where our cat died. Needless to say, I bawled. The cat had been a gift to me when I was in the second grade and he lived until I was a sophomore in high school, so he was about 9 years old; the shepard was the same age.

kimijay kimijay

Red Dog is also a really good movie about this sort of thing, so sad :(

nonmember avatar nano

We've had shepherds much of our lives, and in our experience, this is completely believable for this, and I'm sure other, breeds. I think most dogs give many humans something to aspire to.

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