Mom Dreams Up a Coupon Scam to Get Things for Free (VIDEO)

We all know the power of free or cheap stuff. I've become a loyal customer to quite a few products after I was given free samples. The company made their money a thousand times over even though the initial output was a loss. And how many times have we all bought something just because it was on sale or we had a coupon for it? Sometimes that can lead to a longtime relationship with that company.

One mother is doing this, but with a bizarre twist. On Coffee Shop Confessions, a woman admits she writes into companies that offer 100 percent satisfaction guarantees and tells them she hates their product. Then the company gives her a coupon for it. The twist? She's lying. She actually loves the product! Err ... what?! Let's see how she goes about her little scam and watch the extremely strong response of the panel.


Well, the panel seems to agree in no uncertain terms on that one. They say what she's doing is everything from stealing to lying to teaching her children bad values. In fact, they point out that she could write to the company and say the truth, that she loves their product, and that times are a little tight, and could probably get the coupon anyway.

I agree that the lying aspect is just wrong. It's easy to get into the habit of "little white lies" -- especially to big impersonal corporations -- and the next thing you know, your little white lie habit is carrying over into every part of your life.

However, since this ruse probably only works once for each company, she's going to have to buy the product at retail price at some point, if she truly does love it. So in the end the company will make money one way or the other. I wouldn't exactly call it "stealing."

But I would call it lying, and the panel makes an excellent point: The woman probably tells her children not to lie. She probably punishes them when they do. And yet here she is lying and rewarding herself. That's not faaaaaaair, mom!

Do you ever lie about being unsatisfied with a product to get a coupon for it?

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