Finding Peace in Your Own Home IS Really Possible (VIDEO)

As John Lennon once said: Give peace a chance. It's important for moms, who spend their days frenetically running around, to have a private place where they can relax and recuperate from the dervish pace of motherhood, wifehood, workhood, all hoods. But where, oh where, can this sense of serenity be found? How about right in your home?

I'm not suggesting a place where everyone stops their whining and demands, because you know that's never gonna happen. I mean a place where you can GO where no one is whining and demanding. In this episode of The Karen Walrond Show, Karen Walrond and interior designer Lisa Ehrlich tell you how to create your own personal home "peace place." Listen up, it can save your sanity.


Even if you love the idea of a private haven, you're probably wondering what Karen is talking about if she thinks you can find the time, space, or energy for such an endeavor. But it's honestly not that difficult -- in fact, your peace place is probably right under your nose already.

Creating a peace room can be simple. Find an underutilized space, maybe the dining room (c'mon, how often do you actually seat eight people for a formal dinner?), a guest bedroom, an underused office, or even a closet. If you choose to create your space outside, make sure the weather is optimal.

Now fill this space with things that make you calm and happy. Karen likes pieces of artwork on the walls and photos she's taken. You can also add something sentimental. Karen, for instance, has a pic of her grandmother in her peace room.

Now add a comfy chair, a desk, a nice lamp, music, candles, a little Buddha statue ... whatever relaxes you. Even looking at beautiful wallpaper can calm your mind. Peace out!

Would you put a peace room in your home?

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