Octomom Shows She Really Did Do Porn for Her Kids

nadya sulemanNadya Suleman, AKA Octomom, has gone and found herself -- and her 14 kids -- a house with the money she made doing porn. You go girl! Er, wait. The Palmdale, California home, which she's renting, is costing her $2,150 a month, and she's reportedly paid for eight months up front. Apparently, it's got five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a three-car garage, and a humongous 14,000-square-foot backyard, where her children can roam freely. The yard also supposedly features a gated pool and spa with a slide and a gazebo. Sounds like a nice place to hang 15 hats. Especially since the last house they were living in -- you know, the one that foreclosed -- had only four bedrooms. With that extra room, the possibilities are endless! Hell, maybe she should have more kids!

I kid. And, obviously, I'm glad that Octomom's children have a nice place to stay. But I seriously hope Octo will take care of her home this time, and not let it go to complete hell like she did last time, replete with graffiti on the walls and training potties on the back porch

Octo, listen. You're a mom. And being a mom is tough stuff. I understand. Hey, I can barely fathom having two kids, never mind 14! There's not a heck of a lot of time to clean up and make things look pretty around the house when you're busy with the little ones (and with porn). I get that. But, please, please, please for the sake of your children, try to keep this place, um, sanitary. It sounds like you've gone and got yourself a lovely home there -- for the love of god (and the love of your children), try to keep it that way.

Do you think Octomom will maintain this home better than her last?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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Torra... TorranceMom

Yeah, AI. I call em as they ARE - Palmdale is a dump. If any of the other readers were unfortunate enough to visit or (God forbid) live there, they'd be saying the exact same thing. Don't try to front on Palmdale just because you grew up there.

Teresa Banks

What is wrong with her buying  house from making porn. There is nothing wrong with that and she probably is providing better for her kids than most moms do. Alone @ that. She had her religious convictions and she held to them We are in the United States and free. Why do we all point fingers at somoeone else when they ARE TRYING. We all have done our crap, and motherhood comes with no istruction manual. Hell, after thinking about it, maybe I should go raise some money doing porn. I am freakig broke all the time. lol I say KUDOS  to her, her children looked well behaved, also. So the mother who NEVER made a mistake , post a comment. Oh wait, thats not possible. lol *rant over*


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