10 Ways Puppies Are Even Worse Than Kids

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Are your kids begging for a puppy? Do they promise again and again that they'll walk the dog and feed the dog and clean up after the dog? Are you beginning to cave? Well, don't. Aren't these the very kids who vow to do their homework immediately after school, later running out the door to play with friends, and promise to use inside voices when you ask them to, but yell at the top of their lungs instead? Indeed, they are, and I guarantee that they won't be as helpful as they're making you believe they will be. And, it turns out, having a puppy is even harder than having kids ...

(And, yes, that's my 9-week-old golden retriever. Don't let her cuteness fool you. She's a devil.)

1. You'll no longer sleep though the night. You'll be up just as often as you were with a newborn and a puppy isn't nearly as good of an excuse for dark circles as a new baby is.

2. Scrubbing pee and shit out of the carpet becomes part of the daily routine. It turns out dog poop is even worse than baby poop.

3. There's another mouth to feed every night. And you can't just whip out a boob.

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4. And another body to clean up after. Hello, muddy paws. At least newborns keep their mess contained to their diapers.

5. The doctor bills are insane. Why is it that I'm at the vet's so much more than I was ever at the pediatrician's?

6. Nobody offers to watch the "baby" or brings you dinner like they did when you had a new baby.

7. Shoes become chew toys. Not one of my kids ever destroyed my favorite pair of heels. Ever.

8. The crying. Sure, baby cries are sad. But dog cries? ARE THE MOST ANNOYING THING ON EARTH.

9. There's no such thing as puppy maternity leave.

10. The dog won't take care of you when you're old. And, even worse, you'll have to take care of it.

Still considering that puppy?


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nonmember avatar Natasha

my 3 yr old pitbull is a little angel. she never wakes me up, she's house trained, friendly and beautiful. perfect little baby. id rather take care of her babies than my own. ill never have children, too much BS, and you have to deal with the kids father, who, chances are, youll end up breaking up with, and hating, and having to split your time. F that. ill always have dogs, no kids.

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

If i had gottin my puppy when my youngest was a toddler no way would i have enjoyed her. No way. I think we gott her at just the right age of my kids even tho they dont help with her. They can play with her and thats ok too. They r def alot of work but it pays off when the puppy isnt such a puppy anymore. And i didnt know this but goldens dont really unpuppy till they r close to 2 lol. Lots of walks and lots of interactive toys to keep her busy help alot here. And a kennel.

meaga... meagansmommy07

Omg we got a German shepherd puppy in February from a shelter. He still cheese, wakes up at least once a night and this morning and some how got into the.pantry and drug flour, honey and muffins mix all over my carpet...all within the 10 mins it took me to walk my DD to the bus stop...he's exhausting but up until today we thought he.was getting better. He's very protective of our kids though.

nonmember avatar Samantha

I have 2 dogs, 1 we got when she was 8 mths old n she has always been very good with listening, potty trainin but she did go thru a small time of chewing on only my shoes bur thats all over with, the only thing she does now is bark like crazy every time someone knocks on my door or she see's someone out the window now my other pup who is now 6 mths old that we have had since he was 6 weeks old is kinda like hell, he will not potty train, he chews on everything, he begs for food every time someone is eating, he jumps on top my kitchen table, every time a door is opened hes there waitin to sneak out n when he does, it takes 30 mins to catch him cuz he does not listen when its time to come in n he has to be on a chain outside cuz were afraid he will run up the street again n the pound will get him again.......so yea my dogs r opposite of each other so there r good n bad, I guess it all depends on breeds n who their previous owners were like :) so just consider if ur willing to do the work b4 getting a dog or pup :)

nonmember avatar Samantha

btw, I have 3 kids also, a 7 yr old son, a 6 yr old son n a 2 yr old daughter, they r great together n all my kids help with feeding n cleanin up poo, but bcuz they ask to help n they sleep with my kids every nite n all nite :)

nonmember avatar Andrea

Our dog was 2 when my dd was born, if & when we get another dog it will be an adult rescue. Did the puppy thing it's just like having a baby! So yea next time it's an adult dog....

SKSmom24 SKSmom24

I got a puppy that was 2 days older than my youngest son, they are both 2 yr olds now. I have to say, they are much easier to care for than a newborn child. You only have to feed them twice a day, and you can crate train them so they don't potty all over the house. Make sure they have lots of rawhide and their own toys to chew on. Just make sure you pick up everything you don't want them to chew on. With babies, you have to get up several times a night to feed them, along with feeding and changing through out the day.

Juanita Rivera

i wish I had saw this post before getting my 6 month retriever!! lololol...

Leslie Epstein

This is why I am a cat person! =^..^=

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