Adorable Bunny's Love Affair With Balloon Comes to a Tragic End (VIDEO)

bunny balloonThe bunny and the balloon. Sounds like a lovely children's story, doesn't it? Once upon a time, there was a sweet little bunny who dreamed of having a shiny balloon ... yeah, no. This story is about a bunny and a balloon alright, but I wouldn't exactly call it kid-friendly. Because this bunny ... well, this bunny loves his balloon, no doubt. Just not exactly in the chaste, children's story sort of way one might expect. Sort of in a ... sexy-time kind of way.

Alas, for never was a story of more doom, than this of a bunny and his balloon.


Think you know where this is going? Okay, maybe you do. But you still have to watch what happens with your very own eyes:

POP! Pop goes the bunny's beloved balloon. Pop goes romance and love and randy rabbit-on-balloon hijinks. Sorry, little guy. Next time, maybe be a little more gentle, huh?

Do you feel sorry for this jilted balloon-lovin' bunny?


Image via beestiaan/Flickr

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