Triple Amputee Veteran Honored With Tear-Jerking Gift at Exact Minute the Towers Fell

marine hat flagThe anniversary of 9/11 is a day when we should take a moment out of our busy schedules to remember all of those who lost their lives that day, and the brave individuals who keep us safe by fighting for our freedom.

And one triple amputee veteran who served in Afghanistan was given a huge token of thanks for his service today. Marine Corporal Juan Dominguez was given a $600,000 custom "smart house" in Temecula, California, which was donated by actor Gary Sinise's foundation, and the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation. And what makes the delivery of the home even more special is that it was unveiled to Corporal Dominguez in front of 100 Marines at the precise time the South Tower of the World Trade Center fell. (Doesn't that give you chills?)


The house features kitchen cabinets and shelves that are nice and low for him to reach in his wheelchair, and has doors that open and close with the control of an iPad, and of course, an elevator so he can reach the second story of the house. And the foundation was even kind enough to take Juan's passion for playing the guitar and drums into account, because the home features a separate music room.

And to allow him to continue his therapy and recovery after losing three of his limbs, there are plans for a pool to be put in at the house as well.

On what is typically a very somber day each year, it's so nice to hear about something good coming out of a tragedy, especially when it's something as unselfish as giving one of our brave military men a home he can live his life in without difficulty getting around -- something we all take for granted.

What words of thanks would you offer to Corporal Dominguez?


Image via KDavidClark/Flickr

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