Kristen Stewart Gets a New Malibu Home & You Won't Believe Who's Moving in

Kristen Stewart Toronto Film Festival On the RoadExciting news -- Kristen Stewart just bought herself a 4.8 million Malibu beach home. It's nice to see the actress officially has a place to call home after her alleged affair with director Rupert Sanders led to her boyfriend Robert Pattinson ditching out on their shared love nest. Things really are looking up for Kristen. Or are they?

It's her new roommate that's causing alarm. It might just be too much too soon, if you ask me. Kristen's in a delicate, transitional place -- and so is her new roomie -- so I'm not sure what these two are thinking. This particular cohabitation plan doesn't seem like a good idea for anyone involved.


Um, according to reports, Kristen purchased her new home with her also newly single mom, Jules. Really? Not the bold, independent Kristen move I was hoping would come out of this cheating scandal. I mean, I can't decide if this move is desperate, weird, a precursor for cat lady status, or just frickin' adorable and sweet.

I mean, maybe Kristen and Jules are super close and get along splendidly and have all sorts of boundaries and healthy relationship tools to make this work. Hmmm, sure doesn't sound like any mother-daughter duo I've ever met. I love my mom to bits, but I'm not sure we could live together (Love you, Mom!).

Of course, the 3-story house is 5,800 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths. Plus, there is an oval-shaped guest house. So maybe, just maybe, there's room enough for these two to live together peacefully without really being on top of one another. Maybe everything will be perfect and work out just fine. I think I can hear "Single Ladies" pumping loudly over the first scream fight now.

Take a peek inside Kristen's new Malibu home over on Perez.

Could you live with your mother?


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