Robert Pattinson May Stay Close to Kristen Stewart After All

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Robert PattinsonEven though there were recent reports saying Robert Pattinson is moving back to London in an effort to start his life over after splitting with Kristen Stewart, it sounds like he may not be quite ready to say goodbye completely to the good old U.S. (Don't leave us, Rob!)

Supposedly he has been looking at apartments in the Los Angeles area, and specifically at high rises in Century City and Westwood. According to one source, "Robert knows he's going to be back and forth from London and Los Angeles, so he needs an apartment here."

And I guess keeping homes in both places makes a lot of sense, being that he is an A-list movie star. Somehow he doesn't strike me as the type of guy who is comfortable shacking up in a hotel for months at a time when he's in the States -- and it sounds like he'll be over here a fair amount.

Apparently he's worried that he'll "fall off the radar" if he moves to London full-time, so he figures spending a few months out of the year in L.A. is a good idea. (Fall off the radar? I really don't see that happening, regardless of where he lives.)

The idea of Rob still spending a good amount of time in the States is definitely a good thing for all of us fans who just can't get enough of him -- and if we're really lucky, those of us on the east coast may have the pleasure of running into him in the middle of New York City. Yep -- he's rumored to be interested in acquiring a place there too, which would be nothing short of awesome. (Oh man. Can you imagine running into Robert Pattinson on a midday coffee run in the city?)

Do you think having multiple homes is a good idea for Robert?


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clr1313 clr1313

Hey! Here's another "old lady" adding her thoughts...I consider myself a harmless "cougar"...I am a happily married woman, but that doesnt mean i can't enjoy looking at young cubs!!!! Seriously though, since this article was about Robert, I think he is a very talented young actor who I think has the ability to go far in his career....Whether he lives in the USA or England I guess that's his choice. Sure would like it though if he did spend some time here, because it would be great to be able follow his movie choices!

Mary Griffin

i think he should do whatever makes him comfy home is wherever u make it.u go rob do what makes u happy.u always come to san antonio texas and visit me.,just being funny,wink mini

Rita Curry

 I'm so glad that I'm not the only, old woman, that loves him & his movies. Remember Me, was to sad for my tastes though. Have any of you seen, Bel Ami ? I did, & it was OK, but would not have known, what it was all about, If I had not read the book. He wasn't a very nice man in it. Showed a different side of himself.

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