Mama Duck & Babies Crossing 4-Lane Highway Will Give You a Panic Attack


Talk about lucky ducks!

There is an amazing video making the rounds of a mother duck trying to cross a busy, four-lane highway with her ducklings. I know, I know. It sounds like the start to some lame joke, but it's not.

The footage shows the mama guiding her eight little ones across a dangerous stretch of road in Toronto -- and boy is it a total nail biter. They dodge cars, mini-vans and semis in a determined attempt to get to the other side. Seriously, this is a MUST-SEE. 


Honestly, I never knew ducks were so brave. If you look closely, you see the a few being rolled by the wind as the cars whiz by. That soundtrack playing along made it feel more like a Bourne Identity flick than a clip of cute animals trying to avoid becoming road kill. I didn't realize it was possible for something to be so adorable and so scary at the same time?

Take a look at the totally awesome footage:

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Is this the most exciting animal video you've seen or what?

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