10 Little Life Frustrations That Always Seem to Happen to You

check outThey say don't sweat the small stuff -- but the small stuff is so annoying! Seriously, how many times do you get in the express check-out lane in hopes of getting out of the store quickly ... only to get stuck behind somebody paying by check? Worst. Yeah, there are bigger things in life to get our panties in a bunch over, but it's hard to take the high road in these situations when they're just so irritating. Here are 10 little life annoyances that are inevitable (and frustrating!).


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 hahahah!  #10 IS ME ALL THE WAY!

amomm... amommy2jack

11. you click on an article on The Stir that you think will be an interesting read and it has a slide show attached....

yclif... yclifton318

#10 made me laugh because this seems to happen to me often...LOL

Net1957 Net1957

LOL! So true..everyone one of them!


jayde... jaydensmomma707

the only one that doesn't bother me is the person paying with check it really doesn't add much time

nonmember avatar Donna

Dear The Stir,

Please, I am begging you to update your slide show thingy. The Shine and other sites does better slide shows and viewing on the phone is very difficult. Other wise, good article.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

hahaha every one of these is so true!!

Michelle Connor

I've locked myself in the bathroom because of #9 :)

Saras... Sarasahmof3

#6 or the person in front of you can not count to 20 and has a cart filled with 70, I kid you not, 70 items in it.  I work at Walmart, usually the express lane, the ones with no belt and only 3 bags, and have people with 30+ items come through. And then look at me funny when I have to stop ringing them up so they can load their stuff because I have run out of room.  I am an express 20 items or less for a reason, my register area is tiny. Most desks are bigger. And the receipt tells us how many items you have so we know and we talk about you when you have left.

Katie Elizabeth Anne

Ugh firealarms. I was renting a suite a few years ago and one day out of the blue the fire alarm started to beep, this horrid beep every 30 seconds, we changed the batteries and tried everything but it would not stop beeping unless you hit the rest button and that only gave us 8 hours. We lived with that for nearly 6 months as the landlord was waiting for someone to come take a look at it. We ended up moving because it still hadn't been fixed when we were finally free from our lease.

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