Fabric on the Walls Instead of Paint or Wallpaper: Would You Dare?

Lately I've noticed this trend of hanging fabric on walls rather than painting or wallpapering them. It can be a cheaper option, and in truth, I quite like the way it looks. Click through to see a few more examples of fabric-covered walls below!


I love the bright blue and busy IKAT pattern found on this fabric wall, a bold choice for a nursery -- but I think it worked out just fine!

I quite enjoy the effect of the yellow wainscoting with the patterned fabric wall on top. You can see exactly how this space was transformed!

The delicately patterned fabric wall contrasts with the industrial shelves quite beautifully, I think. 

It's interesting how the same fabric on this wall carries through the rest of the room. Notice it on the headboard and bed base as well.  

This tiny pattern is a daring choice, but I really like how it ties everything in the room together. 

Curious about how it's done? Here are all the details about how to wallpaper with fabric, and more on upholstered walls. Pretty cool!

How do you feel about fabric on the walls -- willing to try it or is it too crazy for you?

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Images via Cottages & Gardens, Little Green Notebook, East Coast Creative, Simon Upton, SITT, Traci Zellar Designs

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