'Real Housewife' Caroline Manzo Will Soon Be Living in Poverty

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Caroline ManzoMost people will agree that it's pretty tough to give up a luxury lifestyle if you've been accustomed to it for a long period of time, but Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo is about ready to sell her lavish mansion and move into an apartment.

She's talked about putting her Franklin Lakes, N.J. home on the market for a few months now, but before she officially lists the place, it sounds like she wants to make sure the transition from a huge house to the much smaller quarters of an apartment is actually doable. (You have to admit, it's a pretty big switch.)

She tweeted about her new home search last week, saying:  "Apartment 4 me/hubby/ @Laurenmanzo - checking out the lifestyle - b4 we sell house."

Yeah -- something tells me "checking out the lifestyle" is probably a good idea before she unloads that mansion of hers once and for all. Granted, there are some pretty swanky apartment buildings in and around the New Jersey and New York City areas -- but living in a building that houses multiple units and having your neighbors right on top of you is a far cry from having a fancy-schmancy whopper of a house that offers plenty of privacy and room to entertain.

But even though living in an apartment is much different than life in the 'burbs, Caroline might actually fall in love with the idea of having more freedom to come and go as she pleases. Considering her kids are grown, maybe having a home where all she really has to worry about is locking her door before she leaves the house and heads out for a night on the town is pretty attractive. Dealing with things like keeping the grounds of your home perfectly landscaped and shoveling snow in the winter aren't exactly perks -- though it's highly unlikely she does any of those things on her own now. Oh well, at least with the apartment lifestyle, she'll have less people to hire.

Do you plan on downsizing and moving to an apartment once your kids grow up?


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CanCa... CanCan123

Woo go Caroline!!!!

nonmember avatar Momtotwo28

Your titles are always a lie. Not bothering with this site anymore.

nonmember avatar michelle

I hope she lives in poverty,nasty woman

Melissa Brazell Geralds

Apparently you've never lived in a nice apartment. Plenty of them you'd never even know you had neighbors as there is only a single tenent per floor. Especially in the ones you buy. It's like living in a hotel. They will roll the sale of the house into the apartment cost and never pay taxes. Sweet deal and they are very smart. She's smart and it's a very elegant lifestyle.

Kay Wiermaa

What a bunch of hype you have written.  FIRST OF ALL, in the show, Caroline has eluded, for quite some time now, that since her children have left the nest, she no longer needs this huge house.  Secondly, I think she longs to leave the Cul de Sac de Drama of Juicy Joe JooDice and his Elvira-esque wife Teresa JooDice Joo-Dee-Chay, or whatever she is going to go by today.  You are sheltered and oblivious if you don't understand that condos and apartments can be as, if not more, luxurious than a private home.  Besides, if they wish to enjoy some additional and well earned free time together, it is a smart move.  Condo associations take care of all landscaping and maintenance issues of the property. 

By the way, anyone notice that Teresa has been noticeably absent from her FB page postings????  What is she up to now?  I will tell you!  She is having her minions post negative comments on the other women's sites.  This "article" (ahem) you post is just another negative spin with no wheels against Caroline Manzo.  She has a lovely family and they are a beautiful couple who deserve to enjoy their lives as they wish.  Find some MATERIAL, thank yerr.

nonmember avatar Anne

How is an apartment POVERTY? So offensive really! Alot of people downsize when the kids grow up! <3

Dana Hansen Szymanski

you are all rediculous. who cares where caroline manzo llives so long as shes happy. did ya ever think maybe shes downsizing because she dont need the house? living in an apartment or condo could be very elegant depending on where it is. i know shes not moving to the dam projects for Gods sake. Maybe when she does sell and downsize, shell have more money to enjoy her life with her husband and travel. Just quality time as husband and wife.  Good luck caroline.


stefpop stefpop

Why do you blatantly lie in your title ?

Cate Marcin

This is the last time I'll be checking anything out on this site.  Twisting the truth and lying are not good journalistic practices.  I now lump The Stir in with those trashy tabloids that loom the checkout lines.  You keep all the fires heated for pinheads like Teresa Guidice.  Shame on you

Lisa Jo Larry Kendrick

The Brownstone has an apartment over it, why can't they live there.   There is more to them moving and wanting to sell house.  Just about everyone on that show is having to down size whether they want to or not.  When people talk about other peoples money and the way they live, it's to keep other people distracted from what's going on with them.

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