Adorable Koala Hitches a Ride With Shocked People in Canoe (VIDEO)

koalaWhat happened to these canoeists (yes, canoeists is a word) is basically every kid's dream come true. These canoeists are actually grown-ups, but this is still the kind of magical moment usually reserved for the wistful imagination of a 5-year-old: And then let's pretend we're paddling canoes down the river and all of a sudden a koala comes swimming over to our canoe and climbs in!

This is where an older sibling might respond with a roll of the eyes: That would never happen in real life, you know.

Except it would happen in real life! And it did!


And it was adorable!!

Obviously this enchanted wildlife encounter happened in Australia -- Tallebudgera Creek on Australia's Gold Coast, to be exact -- because, sadly, nobody in the U.S. is going to come across an adventurous koala while taking a leisurely downstream paddle with pals. Apparently all koalas aren't this social anyway: According to experts who reviewed the footage, the koala was probably looking for a way to escape the flooded tidal bank "and decided the canoe was its best way."

Whatever. I still prefer to think this little fuzzy fella was just trying to make new friends. (Whose reactions are priceless, by the way.) Watch!

Those are some delightfully surprised canoeists, all right.

How awesome would it be if this happened to you?


Image via peterando06/YouTube

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