5 Labor Day 'Staycations' That Beat the Beach & All That Traffic

tentLabor Day weekend pretty much signals the official end of summer, and that's why it's so important to enjoy this upcoming three-day break savoring the warm temperatures and precious time having fun with our families.

And while some of us are lucky enough to be taking a road trip (even though it's bumper-to-bumper hell) or jetting off for one last weekend getaway before fall arrives, you don't necessarily have to leave town in order to have a memorable weekend with your family.


Sometimes having a "staycation" is even more enjoyable than going away -- you know, because you don't have to deal with packing, keeping the kids entertained en route to wherever you're headed, and unpacking and doing laundry when you return home.

Here are five great ways to have the perfect Labor Day staycation.

1. Family scavenger hunt -- Create an adventure for your kids in your own backyard by setting up a fun scavenger hunt -- and maybe reward them with a make-your-own-sundae bar at the end of the quest.

2. Backyard camping "trip" -- There's really no need to venture into the woods to enjoy a good camp out. Set up the tent in your backyard, roast some s'mores, tell ghost stories, and still have the convenience of running inside to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

3. Movie marathon -- If the weather forecast in your area isn't exactly going to be pleasant this weekend, pop some popcorn, and snuggle up on the couch with the kids to watch all of their favorite movies. To mix things up, throw in a few board games in between flicks. Everyone will feel rested by Monday for sure!

4. Obstacle course -- Setting up an obstacle course in your backyard is a great way to keep the family active, challenged, and entertained. A little competition between family members never hurt anyone!

5. Picnic in the park -- If you're feeling a little stir crazy, why not pack a picnic basket and head to a local park? Bring along sporting equipment and a kite to really get the most out of the day.

What are your Labor Day weekend plans?


Image via Tony Crider/Flickr

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