How to Make Your Own Sunburst Mirror -- You'll Be Seeing Stars!

I spotted this easy (and cheap!) tutorial from The Nesting Place a few days ago. It shows readers how to make this chic sunburst mirror, and I thought you might enjoy it. Click through for all the details below!


First, you'll want to create a template to follow in order to make the "rays" of the sun. The Nester made hers by using paper towels. Fold them in half for uniformity and then cut to whatever length and shape you prefer. 

Next, she cut up four strips of poster board (POSTER BOARD!) and folded in half. Then she used the template to trace and cut out all the rays. Easy peasy. 

I forgot to mention that you'll need to find a small, round mirror for the center. The one pictured was $20 at a local shop. 

Arrange and layer your rays before gluing anything together. Work in fours to make sure everything is even. 

It helps to draw some basic directionals on the back of your mirror to make sure you are placing your rays uniformly. 

Start with the smallest rays first, and then get to gluing! Remember to work in fours until you end up with the finished product, seen below. 

Voilà! Your very own sunburst mirror for the cost of a little elbow grease and less than $25 in materials. Click here for additional details and some handy tips and tricks. 

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