‘Real Housewife’ Camille Grammer Ditches Life With Ex Kelsey Once & For All

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Camille GrammerWow. When life gives you an ex-husband who loves to talk crap about you whenever he can, selling off your mega-mansion for millions of dollars seems like an appropriate plan. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer just listed her sprawling Malibu home for $17.9 million, leaving us all to wonder if we somehow missed the boat on what the definition of a "housewife" truly is.

Because based on just how luxurious this place is, I'd say whatever trouble she's had with ex-husband Kelsey Grammer is well worth the lifestyle she'll be able to continue after pocketing the profit from the home's sale.

And this place definitely fits the bill for any discerning buyer, offering 4.77 private acres of land complete with a swimming pool, tennis court, gardens, barn and horse riding ring, and even a lily pond. (How sweet.)

The interior of the home is equally as upscale, with a kitchen designed by Wolfgang Puck, a library, and a home theater. The master suite is described as "large," which probably means it's roughly the size of most people's entire homes, and boasts views of the ocean.

And whoever purchases the property will never have to worry about having room for guests, because there's a separate guest house with a private patio and plenty of bedrooms to accommodate out-of-towners. (Gah. Wouldn't it be nice to have a separate house to put people up in when they come to stay?)

It almost seems kind of crazy that Camille would ever want to part with this house considering how amazing it is, but maybe she's just ready to move on and let go of any negative memories that are weighing her down. And even though the next home she moves into may not be as large, something tells me she won't have to downgrade the luxuries she's accustomed to all that far.

Would it be tough for you to sell a house this nice -- or would having the cash be worth it?


Image via Bravo

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Judith Grant Lombardo

Get rid of anything, (besides your children) that reminds you of that dirt-bag..I am so proud of her, she is a classy lady and really got a raw deal from that Kelsey Grammar dirtbag..I will never watch anything he is in on tv or any other place, he is a disgrace to his children...which they will find out when they are able to understand life a little better

Norma J Brill

  I agree with Judith, get rid of every thing that reminds you of that cross dresser

Sherry Cato Wickersham

I feel sorry for the new wife!!!!!!!!wonder how long before her time is up, and he finds a younger wife again? but then of course she knew she was breaking up a marriage...what goes around comes around!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar thedq

I think Camille should sell the property if she wants to. And that new wife, I don't feel sorry for her two-timing ass at all. She KNEW he was married with children and she still got involved with him. He's a serial slut and deserves to pay out everything he earns as payment for his horrible decision-making which results in pain and suffering for those who are in his life. Camille should move on, bank the cash and start over fresh -- and NOT give one dime to the Greek God. I am reading things about him I don't like; so I hope she can see past the great six-pack abs... Best of luck to Camille and her kids :)

Norecca Eva Bless

u go girl n i know you are happier now n that new wife her day is coming home wrecker

Carol Opie

I saw the Oprah special with Kelsey Grammer.  He shed some new light on their relationship.  flat out saying that he was helping Camille who was asking for advice about getting another man's attention.  Check it out; it really made me stop and think about some of the things she's said and done.  Nevertheless it's a divorce and they both profited from it because she helped get him sober and off cocaine and he gave her fame which is what he said she wanted int he first place.  Even Stevens from my point of view.

Margaret Rodriguez

Do celebreties purchase their homes in full or do they finance like us normal beings?

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