‘Ninja Cat’ Is So Fast You’ll Wonder If It’s All an Illusion (VIDEO)

fast kitty

Forget Superman. That guy's got nothing on Super Kitty. A recent YouTube video shows what has to be the fastest cat ever. And I'm not talking about some Planet Earth documented Cheetah. No, I am talking about a Friskies eating, household pet.

This feline is lightning fast. Seriously. I have never seen a domesticated animal move this quickly. 


The clip description says the cat is "faster than its own shadow" and that's no exaggeration. One moment it is staring intently at the owner, who is filming across the room. The next second, he magically -- yes magically -- appears right in front of the camera. Either that is one amazing animal or someone has used pretty cool special effects.

See the lightning quick cat in action here:

Can you imagine if this cute kitty actually decided to attack. No way you could get away -- and that means you too Usain Bolt!

Are you impressed by this cat's speed?

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