Live Like a Celeb on One of Their Private Islands -- Dare to Dream! (VIDEO)

private islandHave you ever dreamed of winning the lottery and buying your very own private island and living in the lap of luxury without a care in the world for the rest of your life? Yeah -- join the club. That very thought crosses my mind every time the Powerball jackpot gets over $100 million or so. (Duh. Who wouldn't want to own their very own piece of paradise?)

And as it turns out, if you do happen to play the numbers and hit it big, there are 600 private islands for sale to choose from at the present time. In fact, you may even be able to score one that once belonged to a celebrity -- like a famous pirate. Because apparently celebs are growing disenchanted with the idea of being marooned, and they're selling their private remote getaways in favor of sticking a little closer to the mainland.


There's a chance that one lucky buyer can live out his/her own Captain Jack Sparrow fantasy on Johnny Depp's private island in the Bahamas, Little Halls Pond Cay. Supposedly neither he nor Vanessa Paradis wants to hang onto the property after their split. (I wonder if he has any rum barrels hidden on the beach?)

Celine Dion also has her island in Canada listed for a cool $30 million, and it includes its very own French chateau.

But while plenty of these remote locations also come with multimillion-dollar price tags, there are some islands that are a little more economical. Jonathan Island, in Rhode Island, is only $1.4 million, and comes complete with its very own dock, cottage, and wildlife sanctuary. It's located on Point Judith Pond and is said to be pretty easily accessible. Hmm. I'm thinking it's time to head down to the gas station and pick up a few lottery tickets for Wednesday night's drawing.

Check out this video to hear how one family made their dream of owning a private island a reality. (I'm so jealous!)

Would you ever want to have your own private island?


Image via JavaSquid/Flickr

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