Hotel Rooms' Dirty Little Secrets Make Us Even More Afraid of Germs

hotel roomAre you one of those people who gets a little bit creeped out every time you check into a hotel room because you're paranoid about whether or not it's been cleaned properly? (I am. And my husband always laughs at me for it.) Because if you're not -- you probably should be. (Just think for a second about what people do behind closed doors!)

According to a discussion on Reddit with former hotel staffers, the rooms are possibly way more disgusting than we initially thought. And some of the germiest and most gag-worthy spots in hotel rooms may not be exactly where you'd expect.


Warning -- if you are squeamish, you may not want to read any farther. (Or at least wait until you've fully digested your food before perusing this list.)

1. The remote control -- According to the Reddit hotel worker, the remote almost never gets cleaned. (Did you hear that? The remote NEVER gets cleaned. And considering what kinds of programs some people watch late at night in hotels -- this is beyond disgusting.)

2. Mini-bar mix-up -- Ummmm, supposedly there was an incident where a guest drank a bottle of whiskey out of the mini-bar, but didn't want to pay for it, so he peed in it and put it back. And that's just FOUL.

3. Water glasses -- I feel like this one should be a no-brainer, but those glasses in the bathroom are apparently only rinsed out if they aren't noticeably dirty. (This is why I always pack plastic cups.)

4. Bedspreads -- Yet another obvious guess, but with many hotels switching from yucky bedspreads to duvet coverlets, I pretty much assumed that they were cleaned in between every single guest. Supposedly one worker was trained to simply wipe "suspicious white stains" (gee, what could that be?) off with a damp cloth until it couldn't be seen. (Excuse me while I pause and go throw up.)

5. Chairs, sofas, etc. -- Soooo, apparently plenty of people sit on hotel furniture naked. (Let's hope Prince Harry's suite was thoroughly cleaned.)

6. Jacuzzi tub -- All sorts of nasty stuff gets clogged in the jets -- and winds up in your bath water when you turn them on.

Bottom line, be careful when choosing a hotel, and inspect the room when you check in. And packing a bottle of Lysol (or perhaps wearing clothing that covers your body from head to toe) probably wouldn't hurt either.

Have you ever had a really gross hotel experience?


Image via espensorvik/Flickr

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