Stray Dog Finally Gets a Loving Home Right Before He Dies (VIDEO)

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Ol Boy

In what has to be one of the saddest and yet the most heartwarming stories I've ever heard, the tale of a dying stray dog who finally received the love and compassion he never knew right before he died has touched me in more ways than one.

"Ol Boy" was found sick, starving, and alone on the streets of Singapore by a rescue group called Save Our Street Dogs. They picked him up off the ground (where he was lying in his own urine) and took him to a veterinarian, who found that he was infested with ticks, covered in sores, in incredible pain, and possibly suffering from cancer.

After having the ticks removed and receiving blood transfusions, the group found out via an animal communicator (someone who specializes in how animals think and feel) that Ol Boy was dying, and that his last wish was to feel the warmth and security of a loving family.

Take a look at this video clip to hear what happened next.


Oh. My. GOD. Did you bawl like a baby during that video or what? What those men did for that poor dog was one of the gentlest and kindest gestures I've ever witnessed. And as sad as it is that Ol Boy ultimately didn't survive years of living on the streets, knowing that he felt genuinely loved and cared for in his last few hours is somewhat of a comfort.

And the way he was cremated and had his ashes scattered with such dignity and respect was such a moving ending to his tragic life. His story proves even further that no amount of compassion is too small, and it's never too late to show someone they are loved.

What moved you the most about Ol Boy's story?


Image via PawshPal/YouTube



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nonmember avatar melissa

I was bawling like a baby yes.

Thank you for posting that video.

I am so thankful to all the people who were willing to help him. May ole boy rest in peace.

They didn't have to treat him with so much dignity and love, but he deserved it.

cocob... cocobeannns

Wow. Stories like these always break my heart. It's so heartbreaking knowing that he had to live such a life on the streets, and never knew what love was. People like those men make me wish there were more like them. Not enough people reach out and help. Rest in peace boy.

Torra... TorranceMom

Thanks for sharing this bittersweet story. God bless those who cared for Ol Boy and allowed him to pass with comfort and dignity. And a big middle finger up to those who saw his suffering and did nothing to help him.

nonmember avatar Cyndi

Thank God for these boys who found and loved Ol' Boy. How wonderful for this little angel to finally be loved and to die with dignity. He is whole and happy and free now. He is running happily. Bless all who loved him and cared for him. For these are the true angels on this earth -- these boys and those who helped.



Bre Etheri

this was very touching. I didn't think I was going to cry but the tears just began to stream down my face during the video. That was amazing what those people did for the poor dog.

storm... stormcloud

I cried! And I don't cry easy. May the Gods and Goddesses rest his soul. crying

nonmember avatar martha

i thank god there are people that think the same way my family and i think taking initiative and rescuing helpless animals,, i have 7 dogs 6 were rescued and were the least unadoptable and they were the ones we chose,,and 1 black cat also a rescue and have learned that all these animals want is water, food and love,, my wonderful daughter is going to school now to be a vet for the very same reason because she also wants to make a difference in this country about animal rights,,

tuffy... tuffymama

I can't even take this right now. My heart is broken.

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