Sweet Baby Donkey Tries to Walk in Pink Casts (VIDEO)

donkeyUm, hi, this is the cutest thing you'll ever see. It's a little baby donkey, who was born prematurely, trying to walk with big pink casts on her two front legs. It's out of control. I seriously cannot handle how adorable she looks clumsily wobbling along on these things.

Too much cuteness! Making me weak! Ahhh!




How sweet is this little girl? I heart her. Honestly, one of the saddest/cutest/most precious things on this earth is animals in casts -- or animals with cones around their neck. I can't handle it! They're so helpless; it honestly just breaks my heart. But this little cutie looks like she's going to be just fine. Get well soon, friend, get well soon!

How adorable is she? Has your pet ever had a cast?


Image via itnnews/YouTube

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