Sweet and Simple Nursery for Two

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I love the story behind this nursery! Britt and Keith didn't know whether or not they'd be bringing home boys or girls when they set out to adopt two babies from Ethiopia. In the meantime, they decided to design a gender-neutral nursery that would work either way. Lucky them, they ended up with one of each when they welcomed handsome Gus and lovely Lula into their family!

I think you'll quite enjoy this sweet little shared space -- click through to see a few more pics below!

The neutral color on the wall provides a blank canvas for the bright pops of color and fun little touches found throughout the room.

These DIY gutter shelves provided a fantastic place for their book collection, and I love all the pennant banners scattered throughout the room.   

A brightly painted dresser provides much-needed storage and adds an eye-catching spot to display a few fun treasures.

Here's an up-close view of that fantastic vintage light fixture seen in the first photo. It was originally finished in gold, but Britt took the liberty of painting it a happy green instead. I think it worked out beautifully, don't you? 

How would you decorate a nursery or bedroom for a boy and a girl?

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nonmember avatar hannah

This nursery is really way too boring looking to be worthy of writing an article about. And who is this women who even took pictures of her boring nursery in a ”look at me” kind of way. The real story here is about their adoption, why not fucus on that and write and actually interesting article? The boring nursery just isn't cute or special in any way.

And that couch is the ugliest, germiest looking thing I've ever seen. Who puts that in a room with babies?? No freaking way I would let my child sit on that.

javak... javakitty2011

and the first comment starts with a dose of negativity.


I think it's cute setup. And we need more "boring" posts like this rather than the thousands of who really cares celeb wedding/divorce/child custody/cult posts that flood the stir on a regular basis

MrsCh... MrsChurch

I love that light fixture. I think it's cool how it's painted green, like an actual plant.

Jeanette Martinez

I think it's adorable & very comfy looking!

jalaz77 jalaz77

Cute but so sick of seeing the string of flags in a room, it's a hazard.

Lori Stachowicz

what is the name/company for this paint color?

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