Mary-Kate Olsen Loves Antique Homes -- and Men

Olivier Sarkozy townhomeThings must be getting pretty serious between Mary-Kate Olsen and her much older boyfriend, Olivier Sarkozy, because apparently she's spending quite a bit of time with him in his $6.25 million townhome in New York City. The couple was recently seen leaving the house together, leading people to believe Olivier most likely purchased the home for the two of them to share. (God forbid a girlfriend should ever be seen walking out of her boyfriend's house unless she actually lives there.)

Sources say while she's not 100 percent living with him, she is keeping some of her clothes there. (For an Olsen, that's a pretty big commitment.) And if dating the brother of the former French president wasn't hip enough for Mary Kate, this pad sure is. In fact, it's kind of a treasured antique.


The swanky townhome was designed and built in 1854 by James Renwick, who also happens to be the architect of St. Patrick's Cathedral. It's not a huge place, at only 2,400 square feet, but what it lacks in space it more than makes up for in character. It features eight fireplaces, a cast-iron Juliet balcony, and even still has the original moldings.

And because the house is in a historic section of the East Village neighborhood of NYC, the outside can never be altered, making it even more of a romantic place to live. It definitely oozes class and sophistication, which seems to be what Mary-Kate is after these days. Most 26-year-old women don't typically date 42-year-old men, but then again, maybe Olivier's age makes him even more attractive to her. You have to admit, spending nights in a major piece of real estate history sure beats shacking up with your boyfriend and his roommates in a crowded bachelor pad.

Why do you think Mary-Kate is drawn to all things antique?


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