Zac Efron Should NOT Buy a Home With His Little Brother

zac efronIt must be nice to be young and rich in Hollywood. You get to do fun stuff like shop for $6.5 million homes ... for you and your brother to live in? The hell? Safe sex-loving Zac Efron was "spotted" recently looking at baller Beverly Hills homes with his 20-year-old bro, Dylan. Are the two moving in together? It hasn't technically been confirmed, but for the purpose of this post, let's say they are and draw up a bunch of what-ifs! Hard journalism!


Let's talk about living with your siblings. Specifically, buying a home with your siblings. I'm against it. Why? Because there's a good chance it's going to end in two people vowing to never talk to one another again and fistful of unpaid electric bills.

Buying a home is a big deal. Huge! And I'm of the mind that it's something that should primarily be done alone or with a partner. (Unless you're getting some balls-to-the-wall 10-room beach house in Cabo -- in that case, go in with whoever's willing.)

Like I said, who knows if Zac was actually looking for a house with his little brother, or if his little brother was just with him when he was looking. But if it's the former, I say proceed with caution, my friend. You make a lot more money and that's how things get ugly.

Would you ever buy a house with a sibling or someone other than a significant other?

Image via johanferreira/Flickr

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