Army Vet Who Lost Leg at War Comes Home to Brand New House … and Kid Rock

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houseI never would have taken Kid Rock for the sweet and mushy type, but the Detroit rapper has thrown himself into charity work these days. And his latest feat should make every homeowner in America a little more grateful to be where they are. Kid was hiding out in a Michigan model home the other day waiting to surprise wounded veteran Davin Dumar and his wife Dana with the news that they're getting a new home of their very own!

Davin, an Army sergeant who lost the lower half of his leg in Afghanistan, just got out of a military hospital on Friday. He and Dana are trying to get up and running again after the IED that took his leg blew their lives apart. Part of that was applying to Operation Finally Home, a charity that builds houses for wounded veterans.

The Dumars thought they were only in the application stages. But when they walked into the model home to talk to the charity folks, they found out they were actual recipients of -- get this -- a mortgage-free house.

The whole thing makes me weepy, but the reasoning behind what Operations Finally Home does (now with the help of Kid Rock) is because they want to combat the troubles that plague the veteran population, especially the financial heartaches and sometimes even homelessness that results. Getting a home -- and a mortgage-free one at that -- knocks down one of the many hurdles our veterans have to jump when they're readjusting to civilian life and trying to find their spot in the world.

As a homeowner, their mission, and the amazing gift this is for the Dumars really hit ... home.

I hate to admit it, but I take for granted what it means to own my own home. When something breaks around here, I moan and complain. I think we all do. No one actually likes having to call the plumber or pay the oil bill (if they do, you're welcome to move in with me ... seriously!). And yet, we're the lucky ones, to have this safe space we can call our own, where we can escape at the end of a hard day.

This doesn't make up for what Davin Dumar went through while he was serving our country, but he sure as heck deserves it.

Do you own your own home? Do you take it for granted?


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Katie Hesney Johnson

i've always liked kid rock. he's never pretended to be someone he's not, and he doesn't care what other people think of him. and this makes me like him even more. if anyone deserves a home, it's wounded vets and their families.

to answer the question: no, we've been living in military housing, but dream of owning our own house one day. 

nonmember avatar melmcl

What a great idea! This is the type of charities that we need.
I've owned a home since I was 19. The payments were huge and it was in a large city, but needed little to no updating. Now, we bought a 100 year old farmhouse out in the sticks. It was so bad when we bought it, we had to get a bank note because it wasn't mortgage acceptable. Now, 10 years, about 90K, and lots of blood, sweat, and tears I still love it and do not take anything for granted. - I just wish working on it was easier.

Angelina Beckinsale

You may never meet a more inspirational person than these vets. Hero is a word that is vastly overused. These people are true American Heroes.
my blog

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