Hilarious Ways to Make Other People's Bad Habits Disappear (VIDEO)

Living around other people means putting up with their quirks, shall we say. Unless you're a hermit in the woods, you're going to be subjected to someone doing something that annoys the bejeebers out of you.

Some things, though, are just too much for people to take. Nail biting, excessive talking, nose picking...these can be horribly nasty to deal with. JoAnn from Bensonhurst takes on these bad habits and others in the latest episode of her show. You may want to sit down for this ...


Not surprisingly, her answer to most problems is sex (especially if it's your significant other's habits we're talking about). Nail biter? "Put something in his mouth he'll enjoy more than his fingers." Excessive talker? "See the answer to the previous question." Husband never says please and thank you? "Train him like a puppy...before sex, please, after sex, thank you."

Her answer to many other things is simply to deal with it. Someone's popping gum, or talking loudly on their cellphone in the subway? Probably best to just shut up and deal.

Some things, though, just can't be tolerated. One viewer wrote in to say her husband burps too much. Joanne suggested taking him to the doctor, because that much excess gas can be a real problem. She's a hoot, isn't she? Watch her for more of her own special hilarity ...

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What habits drive you crazy?

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