5 Ways to Make Your Nasty Closet Nice (VIDEO)

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who respond to stress by becoming messier and more chaotic, and those who respond to stress by cleaning and organizing. In a perfect world, all of us in the first category would be paired with someone in the second who would come over and clean our clutter when things get crazy! 

Sarah James is in the second category. She tells us in this episode of The Sarah James Show that cleaning her closet centers her. Even if you're not like that, having a neat, organized closet full of only clothes you actually wear makes life ... calmer. Sarah shares her tips on getting your closet under control. You'll want to see this!


Make it seasonal. Even if you have ample closet space, this will help lessen your stress and make it easier for you to see everything you would currently be wearing. Put off-season clothes in bins under the bed (clean and folded, of course!) or use those vacuum bags you see in late-night infomercials for bulky things like sweaters; they do actually work!

Maximize vertical space wherever you can. Use one of those multi-pronged hangers to stack jeans and other sturdy pants, and use an accessory hanger for jewelry--this also keeps things from getting tangled up and keeps chains and pendants or pairs of earrings together.

Use boot shapers to keep boots standing up and not flopped over; this prevents those creases that shorten the lives of your beloved winter wardrobe staple.

Be ruthless. If you haven't worn something in a year, out it goes. For impulse buys, save your receipts and if you haven't been inspired to wear it in a week, return it to the store. Your wallet will thank you!

After you do all that, go buy the 5 classic pieces every mom must have. You'll have plenty of room! Watch how you can transform your closet -- it's like magic!


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Organizing your closet: love it or loathe it?

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