Garden All Year With These Amazing Indoor Planters!

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If you grew a garden this summer, you should be enjoying the bounties of that harvest right about now. My mouth waters for home-grown tomatoes and other produce, but I have to say, fresh herbs might be my favorite of all. Every year I tell myself I'll do an indoor herb planter and keep my herbs growing all through the winter. Maybe this will be the year I finally do it!

To provide a little inspiration, I've gathered a few cool indoor herb planter ideas (like those re-purposed crates pictured above). Scroll down for five more!

Hang your herbs up high in an awesome suspended planter like this. Form and function with a twist!


Put that bar cart to use hosting plants instead of drinks.

Have you seen this DIY planter concept floating around on Pinterest? I think it looks pretty cool! Learn how to make your own wall-mounted mason jar plant pots here!

Save your old tea tins and re-purpose them into pretty windowsill planters like these. So fun! 

Dress up your basic terracotta pots with a coat of paint and a chalkboard label. The happy colors and green, green plants would certainly be a welcome sight during those cold winter months, I think.

Have you kept an indoor herb garden before? Any tips or fun planters you've dreamed up that are worth sharing?

Images via Lucas Allen, Remodelista, Apartment Therapy, Apartment Therapy, Everything Pretty, Crafts By Amanda

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Saphr... SaphronScribble

What about drainage? How do you drain close bottomed pots like mason jars & tea tins so the herbs don't drown? Any advice? 

the4m... the4mutts

If you don't over water them, they don't need to drain. I grow mint & thyme & rosemary indoors. Zero drainage.

On the topic: I LOVE that mason jar one! I am definately going to do that soon! Thank you for the fantastic idea!

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