Pool Full of Puppies Is So Cute You Won't Be Able to Stop Watching (VIDEO)

puppiesThere's only one word for this video of a litter of adorable little fluffy smushy Golden Retriever puppies taking over a plastic pool: Hypnotic. Okay, maybe there are a few other words that could work, like: Ohmygodicouldeatthemup! BUT "hypnotic" is really the most accurate.

Why? Honestly, I don't entirely know why it's impossible to stop watching these teeny guys going around and around and around and around in a circle ... but I do know that I LOVE THESE PUPPIES. And I loved them even more when I found out why they were going nuts in that pool ...


This is how the lovely puppy-rearing folks of Heritage Goldens tell the story:

We emptied the puppy swimming pool to clean it. As you can see the puppies had a fit and couldn't understand why their pool didn't have water like it usually does. Their favorite thing every morning is to run out of the house into their pool.

There is nothing like a gang of angry 5 week old golden retriever puppies to get your morning started! You'll be glad to know the pool was promptly filled and the puppies are happy campers again! They are just a little spoiled! ;)

Awww! Reminds me of that Primus song:

Too many puppies, too many puppies, too many pup-pup-pup-puppies

Except there's clearly no such thing as too many puppies! Watch!

How much do you love these puppies?!


Image via HeritageGoldens/YouTube

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