'Jersey Shore' Couple Ronnie & Sammi's Silly Problems Show They Shouldn't Move In Together

Jersey Shore Sammi & RonnieThey've already acted like an old married couple since Jersey Shore began, so I guess it's no big surprise that Ronnie and Sammi are supposedly in the process of moving in together. Well, I guess technically they've already lived together for quite some time, but this time they're getting their own place instead of shacking up in a house rented by MTV.

And of course, being that this is Sammi and Ronnie we're talking about, they've already run into their share of problems with decorating their new apartment. (Yawn.)


Ronnie tweeted out his frustrations and said, "Exhausted! furniture shopping #NeverAgain... start wheedling my own wood.. Build my own S**t!!"

Typical Ronnie, I guess -- totally angry and at his wits' end over something as trivial as furniture. (And I think he meant "whittling" his own wood, unless there's more to "wheedling" than I originally thought. But that's neither here nor there.)

I guess we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the furniture in their pad sounds pretty tame, and Sammi also assured fans that she has no plans of using any animal prints in her new home like her other famous roommates. I guess in that respect, having a more subdued sense of decorating is a good thing.

But something tells me the furniture issue is only the first of many household bumps these two are going to run into. Oh well, at least it sounds like they're planning on signing a lease instead of taking on a mortgage together. (Baby steps.)

Do you think it's smart for Ronnie and Sammi to share an apartment?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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