Nicole Kidman Sells Her New York City Apartment & Looks Like a Spoiled Brat

Nicole KidmanOne of the best parts of living in New York City is the amazing skyline, which obviously Nicole Kidman knows. She sold her gorgeous apartment in the West Village because she just couldn't stand the idea of having her view obstructed.

Supposedly she got all bent out of shape because a new building was being constructed nearby, and it messed up her view of the Hudson River. And I guess she just couldn't stand the thought of actually having to look at a building in NYC (gah!), so she put her pad up for sale and unloaded for a cool $16 million. (If someone was willing to pay that much for the place, I'm guessing the view isn't as horrible as she thought.)


Nicole must have enjoyed the home for a while though, considering she bought it back in 2003. And with three bedrooms and 3,785 square feet, there was more than enough room for her, husband Keith Urban, and their two daughters. Supposedly the terrace even looked out over the Statue of Liberty -- but maybe that's part of the view that wound up being blocked? It's hard to imagine anyone wanting to unload an apartment with that kind of scenery to admire.

But even though she no longer owns the home, it doesn't sound like she and Keith Urban plan on leaving New York permanently. They also own another apartment, actually a penthouse, located at 200 Eleventh Avenue. (Why did they need two apartments in the first place?)

Sigh. It must be nice to be a celebrity and justify selling your home simply because you aren't happy with what you see when you look out the window. If only all of us had that option, the world would be a much happier place.

Would you ever sell a home because of something as petty as the view?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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