Hero Dog Rescues Pups From Burning House & Places Them on Fire Truck (VIDEO)

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dog fire puppiesI know the word "literally" is oft misused in our current ZOMGing/LOLing society (partial-thanks to Rachel Zoe), but this story about a mama dog carrying her puppies out of a burning house -- and placing them on a firetruck one-by-one -- is literally the most adorable thing I've ever heard in my life. Lit-er-al-ly. Literally!

Here's what happened: Last week a car-bomb went off in Chile and a nearby house went up in smoke. Inside the home was superdog Amanda's litter of 10-day-old pups. Upon seeing the blazing flames, Amanda, a German Shepherd-mix, darted into the house, dragged out her little ones by her mouth, and placed them safely onto a nearby firetruck.

And then -- prepare for your heart to increase thrice-fold! -- she cuddled up against them all to protect them.

Here's a quick little video of what happened:

To use more overused, annoying 2012 vernacular: I can't. This is just the sweetest story ever. And it's an unbelievably touching reminder that even though they can't easily express it, pets have emotions, too -- and they're incredibly brave to boot. Love!

How sweet is this story?



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Doralynn Whited

She takes better care of her babies then some human 'mothers' we hear about. Sad that she lost one.

deadl... deadlights86

Aww poor mama lost one of her babies. Brave girl though I'm glad she has all the rest.

truth... truthrowan

When I was 13, my house burned down. A few weeks before, someone had thrown out two pregnant dogs, whom we had proceeded to feed. Our cousins are local vets and people would see our name on the mail box, assume it was the vets house, and dump animals. One dog had a litter under our house, the other in our barn. When the house was burning, the mother of the puppies under the house was no where to be found, but the OTHER mother dog, whose pups were safe in our barn, was going under the house trying to save those puppies. The fire fighters tried to spray her with hoses to get away, but she kept going back anyway. Even though all of the puppies died (3 days old, the smoke got to them too quickly to be saved) I still think it's one of the most awesome things ever. They weren't even her puppies, but her maternal instinct was that strong! Luckily some folks from our church stepped up and took on the mother dog and her puppies, and several other strays my mom was feeding since we were homeless from the fire. She and all the puppies got fixed, and got to have good long lives. 


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