Hero Dog Rescues Pups From Burning House & Places Them on Fire Truck (VIDEO)

dog fire puppiesI know the word "literally" is oft misused in our current ZOMGing/LOLing society (partial-thanks to Rachel Zoe), but this story about a mama dog carrying her puppies out of a burning house -- and placing them on a firetruck one-by-one -- is literally the most adorable thing I've ever heard in my life. Lit-er-al-ly. Literally!

Here's what happened: Last week a car-bomb went off in Chile and a nearby house went up in smoke. Inside the home was superdog Amanda's litter of 10-day-old pups. Upon seeing the blazing flames, Amanda, a German Shepherd-mix, darted into the house, dragged out her little ones by her mouth, and placed them safely onto a nearby firetruck.

And then -- prepare for your heart to increase thrice-fold! -- she cuddled up against them all to protect them.


Here's a quick little video of what happened:

To use more overused, annoying 2012 vernacular: I can't. This is just the sweetest story ever. And it's an unbelievably touching reminder that even though they can't easily express it, pets have emotions, too -- and they're incredibly brave to boot. Love!

How sweet is this story?

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