Handy Tips Pet Owners Will Want to Follow & Probably Never Thought Of (VIDEO)

People are one of two ways about pets: They either love them,  sometimes a little too much, or they want nothing to do with the mess and the hair and the smell and can't imagine why someone would allow an animal into their home.

I'm a pet person, and so is JoAnn from Bensonhurst. Her little pooch, Gizmo, has been a frequent presence in her videos, and in this episode, she answers questions from readers about pets.

We meet her dog park friends, and JoAnn brings up a subject that most visitors would probably never think of -- but should.


Think about what dog parks are full of ... that's right, dog poop and dog pee and heaven only knows what else, even when owners are responsible and clean up after their pets. You're walking through it, your pet is walking through it, and you're probably inhaling it if the wind is blowing dust around. Just thinking about the germs and ick is enough to make a person shudder.

JoAnn did something smart: she wiped off her dog's feet after he played. You can take off your shoes at the door, but your dog can't remove his feet. Baby wipes should be fine, but if you're really worried, you can get some of those antibacterial ones made for hands and use those.

And of course, wash your own hands the minute you get home!

Hear more of JoAnn's answers to your pet questions below.

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Do you worry about your pet bringing germs into the house? What do you do about it?

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