Playful Dog Splashes in Water Park & Makes Us Wish Summer Lasted Forever (VIDEO)

corgi having fun at water parkBack-to-school and fall sales galore may be buzzkilling the several weeks of summer we totally have left, but that's not going to change the fact that it's really freakin' HOT and humid out right now. There are major droughts in some parts of the country, and with the mercury still soaring into the low 90s, everyone has the perfect excuse to a.) wear really short shorts or b.) enjoy any possible opportunity to get drenched. Animals, being the intuitive creatures they are, know this without being told.

Hence why this corgi recently put on an adorable performance at a public water park and is now making waves around the web for being insanely cute. Check it out:


Now that is the way to be in the final weeks of summer. We should all be having as much fun as this hilarious, adorable corgi. Seriously. I am honestly disappointed in myself for not embracing every single hot-as-hell summer day with as much verve! You know that once it's winter, we'll be sorry we didn't run around a water park with our mouths hanging open. But this corgi sure won't!

This amazingly wise corgi is a perfect example of why I heart dogs. They really set a stellar example for us humans on how to roll.

How adorable is this?!


Image via Brian Newman/YouTube

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