Lovable Dog Who Cleans House Is Mom's Best Friend (VIDEO)

dog choresWhat's better than a dog who helps around the house? And when I say "help around the house," I'm not talking about the standard barking to let you know the mailman is back (loosely translated as: Be gone, evil tresapasser!), I'm talking about actual chores like mopping up messes and taking out the trash. Anyway, the answer is NOTHING. Nothing is better than a dog who helps around the house! That's why Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier is fricken' awesome. Cute, cuddly, puts the toilet lid down ... if I could teach my dog how to do this stuff, I'd never clean again! (Not that I do now, really. But still.)


Of course, I have to wonder if Jesse is really such an expert housekeeper when the camera is off. Hmmm. Like, probably there's some degree of bribery happening here, right? Why else would a dog clean the house? (Why would anyone, for that matter?)

Check out this furry phenomenon in action:

Are you totally and completely in love? I wonder if Jesse does windows.

Can you imagine your dog cleaning the house?


Image via JustJesse197/YouTube

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