Three Adorable Puppies Saved After Mother Is Killed in Hit & Run (VIDEO)

In March, the rescue of a white, blind poodle-mix named Fiona from a trash heap in Los Angeles and her miraculous transformation into a happy, perky, seeing dog with a home made us sob all over our keyboards. The man who rescued the pooch, Eldad Hagar, founder of dog rescue group Hope for Paws, has another video going viral -- this time, the rescue of not just one, but three little pups from the desert of central California. And how these three babies got where they were -- and how they were finally saved -- will cause you to go through an entire box of tissues. So be warned. But it ends with happy tears, I promise!


It all started when some cruel human abandoned a cattle dog who was either pregnant already or soon became pregnant. The dog gave birth out in the middle of nowhere. A couple of women kept the mom and her babies alive with food and water. Eventually, Eldad of Hope for Paws heard about their plight. He arrived on the scene to find the 3-month-old puppies, and named them Sydney, Matilda, and Gabriella. But the mother pooch was nowhere to be found.

Spoilers coming up, so watch the video now if you prefer to be surprised!

The puppies were hiding in a tunnel that led to a deep well. Soon, Eldad discovered that the mother dog had been hit by a car and had died, just two hours before his arrival to rescue her. Eldad named her Gaia and promised her that he would save her babies. Unable to get the puppies, who were in the well and terrified of humans, Eldad eventually retrieved Gaia's body and left it by the opening of the pipe, hoping to lure them out.

The scene where Gaia's lifeless body lies next to the tunnel where her pups are hiding is heartbreaking.

I won't spoil everything for you, but suffice it to say that the video has a tear-jerking, but happy, ending. As Eldad says: "I believe Gaia was with me until her children were safe, and only then did she cross the rainbow bridge." Aww. I need more tissues!

Does this video make you cry?


Image via Eldad75/YouTube

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