Gigantic Elephant Crashes Pool Party & Grabs a Drink (VIDEO)

elephant pool partyDon't you hate it when you're at a pool party, drinking beers, having fun, engaging in some general summer frivolity, when all of a sudden a gigantic elephant strolls on up and starts drinking out of the very pool you're relaxing in? Sooo annoying.

What do you do? How do you act? If you're anything like these people -- who had this very thing happen to them -- you kind of just ... hang out.

Here's hands-down the craziest video you will see today. It's ... well, it's an elephant walking up to a pool to grab a drink. While there are people in the pool.


These people sure remained calm. And I guess there really was no reason not to. The guy just wanted a drink. Cute!

How cute is this?


Image via Kerrydunne1/YouTube

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