Frank Sinatra's Apartment on Sale for $7.7 Million, but That's Not Even the Half of It

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Frank SinatraDid you hear the news? Frank Sinatra's apartment is for sale for a cool $7.7 million! Wait. What's that you say? Frank Sinatra has been dead since 1998? You're right.

It doesn't say much for the real estate market does it, folks? Actually, wait, it may be even worse.

Not only is Ol' Blue Eyes long gone, but he hasn't actually lived in the swanky penthouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan since ... wait for it ... 1972! That was before he married Barbara Marx, before he recorded Duets, before he, gasp, abandoned the Kennedys to become a Republican!

Since Sinatra sold the 3,000-square-foot duplex to his doctor, Denton Cox, it's had two owners: Cox and then insurance magnate Penny Hart, who bought the pad in 2008 and apparently did extensive renovations. So we're not only talking 30 years since Frank crooned sweet nothings to Mia Farrow in the place but a rehab.

So let's just say the link back to the Rat Pack days is there. But the rope is fraying rapidly.

I get it. Homes aren't selling very quickly. But is it that hard to sell an apartment that takes up the 22nd and 23rd floors in a nice area of Manhattan? One that has two wraparound terraces and a glass staircase described by the New York Post as "funky"? Maybe if you want $7.7 million?

Let's just say you shouldn't take dragging up a dead man's ghost as a sign that the end is nigh. The housing market isn't great, but it's not terrible either. In fact, last month was the fourth month in a row to see housing prices rise.

So you may not be able to grab the apartment where Sinatra was 30 years ago, but you might be able to sell your house at least.

What do you think of using the name of a celebrity who hasn't lived in a home for decades to get it to sell?


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nonmember avatar Michelle

After recently selling a home and buying another one, you bet your ASS I would have used ANYTHING to sell that damn house! Selling a home, especially in today's market, was the most stressful experience I have EVER encountered...made getting married and childbirth look like a breeze!

nonmember avatar Jojo

1972 was 40 years ago, not 30.

Todd Vrancic

And that makes it worse, Jojo.  That's all right, though, I'm not in the market for a 7.7 million dollar anything.

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