10 Easy Tips to Make Traveling for Work a Breeze

Summertime means travel time for many of us, and even if you're not lucky enough to be headed on vacation, you may find yourself traveling for work pretty often.

Although it sounds glamorous to those of us who don't get to do it, my friends who do confide that it's not as much fun as it looks. There's airport security awfulness and missing your kids, for starters.

Sarah James, along with CafeMom member Theresa, serve up a huge helping of great tips in the week's edition of The Sarah James Show. Both travel a lot for work and have developed some smart strategies for getting through security and to their destination with their sanity and suitcases intact. Read on for tips and the video:


1) Always, always remember sock liners for your shoes if you aren't already wearing socks, so you're not walking on the airport security checkpoint's floor in your bare feet.

2) Make sure your three-ounce toiletries are already encased in a plastic bag in your carry-on so you don't need to comb through your whole bag at the checkpoint.

3) Pack your jewelry in your luggage, and only costume jewelry so you won't be heartbroken if it's lost. Wear your good stuff, like your wedding/engagement ring.

4) Use a packing checklist. Create it as a document on your computer and just print it out when you need it.

5) Use cotton tees like tissue paper for wrinkle-prone items; just fold the wrinkly shirt or dress around a tee to help avoid creases.

6) Pack underwear and socks last and use them to fill gaps so your stuff won't shift.

7) Program your GPS with your destinations in the city you're going to; when you get there, just plop the GPS in your car and go.

8) Cellphones and Skype are a huge help in staying connected to your kids. You can read bedtime stories, sing lullabies, even see homework projects.

9) Sarah's son sends his teddy bear with her when she travels; she takes pictures of it around her destination city and sends them to him via cellphone.

10) Leave notes for your family that they will find while you're gone.

See more in the video below.


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What's your favorite travel tip?

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