Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Are in a Bitter Battle Over Their Dog (VIDEO)

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Robert Pattinson & Kristen StewartMost people kind of assumed they were over for good after he moved out of their house, but now Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are supposedly fighting over who will keep their dog, Bear -- a sure sign that the couple has decided to call it quits.

Rob & Kristen rescued Bear from a high-kill shelter in New Orleans in happier times, and now it looks like the poor dog is caught up in the aftermath of Kristen's cheating with director Rupert Sanders. Apparently Pattinson is dead-set on keeping the dog, and since Kristen is the reason their relationship is over, most people would probably agree that she should let Rob have him.

But just because she gave into temptation and cheated on her longtime love doesn't mean Kristen loves Bear any less, so odds are good that she won't give him up without a fight.

After they adopted the pup, he almost died from Parvo, but Kristen managed to nurse him back to health. They were bonded from that point forward, and she even brought him along on a lot of her travels over the years.

Rob seems equally as attached to Bear, however, and thinks that hanging on to his beloved dog will help him move on and get over the split.

Both of these two really seem to have valid arguments for why they should keep the dog, and Kristen thinks she has a solution for their battle -- joint custody. (Joint custody of a dog? Do people really do that?)

But I'm not sure sharing Bear is the best idea at this point considering just how fresh the wounds still are from what happened. If they share the dog, they'll be forced to see each other a lot more often, and it's probably best if they keep their distance until the dust settles down on this scandal a bit.

One of them is probably going to have to suck it up and let go of the pooch, which is definitely not an easy thing to do.

You can hear more about when Rob & Kristen adopted Bear while filming Breaking Dawn in this video clip.

What do you think -- who should keep Bear? Rob or Kristen?


Image via clevverTV/YouTube

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Christina Ann Schmitt

i think rob should cuz if it is gonna help him move on it would be good



Jennifer Brown

OMG girl You took is heart, give him HIS DOG!!!!

kbanks51 kbanks51

rob deserves the dog hes the one who got hurt in all this now she deserves to suffer the pain with out either of them 

natal... natalia1220

Rob should keep the dog. After all, Kristen did do him wrong....

nonmember avatar Katherine

Its too damm sad...that all this is happening I just wish they could have a private life without all that drama its so sad.I hope they try to work things out and seek counseling for all this

nonmember avatar Gwendolyn Szabo

Rob.... She is at felt, She Looses The Dog

Patrice Brandt

I think Rob should keep the dog!! She would probably dessert the dog like she did her man! Let her lover get her another one!!!!!

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