Mel Gibson's Massive Mansion Is Up for Sale Again -- but Only a Crazy Person Would Live There (VIDEO)

Mel Gibson home

Wow. As a Connecticut resident, I always knew the town of Greenwich had some of the finest pieces of real estate in the country, but after viewing photos of Mel Gibson's former Tudor style estate, I'm reminded just how extravagant lifestyles of the rich and famous truly are. Mel lived in the massive mansion, called "Old Mill Farm," with his wife Robyn and their seven kids up until 2010, when he sold the 15,800-square-foot home for $24 million.

The estate's current owner, however, is looking to make a nice profit off Gibson's former property despite the real estate slump, as he just listed it for $33 million. (That's pricey even for Connecticut!)


And if you're curious as to what exactly one gets for the bargain price of $33 million, the answer is a hell of a lot. The historic home, which was built in 1926, sits on 75 acres, so privacy is most definitely not an issue. The interior of the house has walk-in fireplaces, 17th century English paneling, exposed beams, 15 bedrooms, and a living room with a 40-foot cathedral ceiling. (This place is seriously fit for a king.)

There are plenty of recreation options outdoors as well, including a swimming pool, tennis courts, and even a life-sized chess board in the garden.

(Huh. I wonder if wandering the halls and grounds of a place this big is what put Mel over the edge?)

Surprisingly enough, real estate experts don't think it's going to be too terribly tough to find a buyer for Mel's old digs. And if they're smart, they'll think about trying to appeal to the tastes of another high profile actor who is currently in the market for a new home close to New York  City. Tom Cruise is in the midst of looking for a place in the area so he can be closer to Suri. He apparently wants something with plenty of space and privacy, and Mel's former home definitely fits the bill. (He's just as nutty as Mel, so this could be a perfect fit.)

Check out the spacious interior of the home in this video clip.

Would you ever want to live in a house this massive?


Image via HollywoodNOW/YouTube

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