5 Places Robert Pattinson Can Go to Escape From Kristen Stewart (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson house

Poor Robert Pattinson has just packed up his bags and moved out of the house he shared with Kristen Stewart after the news broke that she cheated on him with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

As of now, there's no word on where exactly he headed to (my guess is that he's shacking up at a swanky hotel for the time being), but somehow I don't see him heading back home to Kristen anytime soon. In fact, he's probably already thinking about getting himself a brand new bachelor pad. (The cure to any man's broken heart.)


But if he really wants to get a fresh start, Rob should think about finding a pad somewhere other than Los Angeles. There are just way too many distractions there, and he needs some time to regroup, collect his thoughts, and get used to life as a single guy.

Here are five spots where he can find the perfect bachelor pad to kick back & relax in style.

New York City -- Rob strikes me as the city type for sure, and I can definitely picture him in an ultra-chic loft with sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline.

London -- If he really wants to get out of dodge, heading back across the pond and renting his own flat may be the perfect escape. He can get back to his roots and stay far, far away from Kristen at the same time.

Malibu -- Heading to the beach and renting an oceanfront house might be a great plan, especially if he's not ready to leave southern California quite yet. Malibu is still close enough to the action without being smack dab in the middle of all that Hollywood drama.

Vancouver -- Sure, he spent a lot of time there with Kristen, but living in Vancouver would allow him a lot more privacy than he'll get in the States. Maybe he could find a secluded cabin in the woods or something like that.

An island in the middle of nowhere -- Perhaps the best place for Rob to be right now is as far away from people as humanly possible. I'm thinking a place resembling Isle Esme from Breaking Dawn would be a really nice escape from reality.

You can hear more about Rob's big move in this video clip.

Where do you think Robert Pattinson should move?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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