7 Beautiful Chicken Coops to Brighten Your Backyard

The backyard coop seems to be making a comeback and I have to say, it makes me pretty happy. Chickens really aren't that much work once you get the initial setup put together, and who doesn't love fresh eggs? The coop itself doesn't have to be anything fancy, but if you want to have some fun with it, why not? I guarantee any chicken (and owner) would love that cute coop pictured above!

I've put together 6 more anything-but-ordinary coops below. Click through for a little egg-happy inspiration!

This moody coop is in no way run-of-the-mill! I especially like that it's completely self-contained. And the paver stones add a nice touch, don't you think?

You can find the whole breakdown on this cute coop here!  

Wow, this coop was made from the ruins of an old shed. What a fabulous and functional transformation! 

Looks like this cool coop was made to be mobile, that's a pretty smart idea!

Oh, this one might be my favorite! What a lovely little house for the hens to roost in! 

Happy chickens lay lots of eggs, or so I'm told. This bright coop seems like it would do the trick! Find out all the details here

How do you feel about backyard coops? Ready to make the leap -- or no thanks?

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abra abra

We already took the leap! 

tanya... tanya_marieh

It's funny because I have been looking into making a coop as of late.

nonmember avatar Bumblebee

I've been looking into it but I'm afraid it will be a lot of work to take care of them. How is the cleaning, feeding, etc? Any tips? Do you regret having a coop?

nonmember avatar Sirens

Uugh, chickens are nasty if you don't have the dedication to take extremely good care of them EVERY DAY. I used to live near some chicken houses (farms) growing up and in the summer when they would do chicks poop pick up it would smell SO SO SO bad. gotta say, as cute as these chicken coops are, I would never have one in my home.

banan... banana-bear

My favorite is the moody coop :o) Our coop (<----link to see pictures) is much more "plain-jane" but it works. My husband is going to build a second one soon, just waiting for the time. I wish we could free-range them but our dog would surely kill them the second she gets the chance. We love our chickens and the experience for our kids, we have absolutely no regrets!!!

GlowW... GlowWorm889

I would love to have backyard chickens.

nonmember avatar mandi

We have had backyard chickens for about 6 years now. They are very easy to keep and the supply of fresh eggs is wonderful! About the concern above about smell- we never have an issue with that. Backyard flocks are generally very small and are allowed lots of freedom to roam. Chicken houses that house hundreds of thousands of chickens create unhealthy environments for both the chicken, and the families living nearby (not to the mention the run off into the water supply). However, the backyard flock is a very responsible way to go because it cuts down on the need for industrial egg production. We love our little chickies!

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