Raccoon That 'Fixes' a Car Is the Cutest Mechanic Ever (VIDEO)

raccoon carDid you know raccoons can peel hard-boiled eggs with their little claw-hand things? Somebody told me that once, so it must be true. Seriously, it's definitely possible -- just check out the impressive level of dexterity this little masked-mechanic's got going on. He's fixing a car! If only Brian Fellows (Tracy Morgan) of SNL's "Brian Fellow's Safari Planet" were here to comment: "That raccoon is CRAZY!"


Bet you'll think twice before you chase away that raccoon who loves to knock your garbage cans over in the middle of the night again. Let him hang out for awhile -- who knows? He might decide he feels like giving your car a tune-up. An oil change, at least. (Yup, you forgot. Again.) No kidding. Check this out.

See what I mean? Wonder if he changes tires.

Would you ever let a raccoon "fix" your car?


Image via PETSAMI/YouTube

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