Gift Guide: Eco-Friend

Check each of the Daily Buzz channels every day this week to find gift ideas for all the different people in your life. This week, here in Home & Garden, we'll have gift ideas for: the Eco-Friend, the Garden Guru, the Handmade Hipster, the Handy (Wo)Man, the Pet Lover, and very soon...Stocking Stuffers!

What will you get the Eco-Friend in your life?

If you can't come up with any good gifts to reuse or recycle, here are some environmentally sound gift ideas for your Eco-Friend...

what would nature do? t-shirt

"What Would Nature Do?" T-shirt, $25 from SUPERfantastico

Product: "What Would Nature Do?" Organic Cotton T-shirt

Cost: $25.00

Where to Buy: SUPERfantastico

Extras: Comes in unisex and women's fitted styles. Natural, organic cotton crew neck fine jersey t-shirt made by sweatshop-free American Apparel. Printed using eco-friendly inks.

Why I Love It: You can't beat a T-shirt with an eco-friendly message inside and out.


burl wood basket, tree stump

Burl Wood Baskets, $38-$82 from Greenergrassdesign

Product: Burl Wood Baskets

Cost: $38-$82

Where to Buy: Greenergrassdesign

Extras: Comes in small, medium, and large versions. 

Why I Love It: What a great way to return your fruit to the tree.

tote bag, family

Family Series Tote, $45-$48 from k studio

Product: Customizable Family Series Organic Cotton Totes

Cost: $45-$48 (base price)

Where to Buy: k studio

Extras: Organic cotton totes in two sizes, both with a snap closure. Choose the characters that best represent your family makeup.

Why I Love It: Because everyone should be able to flaunt her family and her enviromentally friendly-ness all at once.

Check back tomorrow for gift ideas for your favorite Garden Guru.

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