Tom Cruise Is Moving to New York City So He Can Keep Suri Under Control (VIDEO)

Tom Cruise & SuriUgh! Just when Katie Holmes thought she was finally a free woman, new reports are saying that Tom Cruise is moving to the New York City area in order to be closer to Suri. (Grr! She was this close to being rid of the crazy.)

And even though he already owns an apartment in the East Village that he shared with Katie & Suri in happier times, Tom's not planning on staying there. Nope. He's planning on trading up, and supposedly he's searching for a new home that offers plenty of privacy, and also an adequate amount of space where he can brainwash Suri with his Scientology crap spend quality time with his beloved little girl when he has her.


But privacy in the middle of NYC isn't exactly easy to come by, especially since Tom apparently doesn't want to have to walk through a lobby to get to his new digs. Huh. I guess that pretty much rules out high rises. And considering he's also interested in having a home with a nice outdoor area where Suri can play, it sounds like living in a building with other units may not be the right choice for Tom.

And that's why there's also a chance that he may wind up living outside the city limits -- and he may even think about purchasing a home in Connecticut. (Gasp!) That's where I live. And it's really nice up here and alien-free and all that good stuff -- and I'm not sure that this state is ready for Tom's invasion. But there are some pretty posh homes in the southern part of the state, so I wouldn't be surprised if he gets lured right out of the city the minute he sees sprawling lawns and waterfront properties. (God help us.)

Tom & Suri recently reunited in New York City for the first time since his split from Katie Holmes. You can hear more about their outing together in this video clip.

Do you think Tom should stick to an apartment in the city, or head for somewhere a bit more remote?


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