'Bachelorette' Winner Jef Holm Is About to Make Another Romantic 'Move'

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Emily Maynard & Jef Holm

OMG. How thrilled are you that Emily Maynard picked Jef Holm on the finale of The Bachelorette last night? He's absolutely perfect for her, and he truly seems ready and excited about being a devoted husband and also a father to Emily's daughter Ricki.

And if how kind and patient he was while meeting Ricki for the first time wasn't a big enough clue as to how much he loves Emily -- the fact that he's picking up and moving across the country to be with her makes things crystal clear. Jef is leaving his life and his company behind in Utah and heading to Charlotte to start a new life with Emily and Ricki, and I can't help but be a little bit jealous of just how accommodating he is.

Typically, it's the woman who winds up packing up and moving to be with her man -- something I know all too well. I've moved for a man at least four or five times, and believe me -- it's no picnic to be the one who is constantly forced to uproot. (Not that I'm the least bit resentful. Ahem.)

And Jef is going one step further in making sure that his move into Emily & Ricki's daily lives is as smooth as possible. He's getting his own place instead of shacking up with them right away, which is seriously one of the most considerate things I've ever heard. Emily & Ricki have been used to being a twosome for seven years now, so it probably would be kind of awkward to have a man suddenly living in their space.

As the CEO of his own company, if Jef is willing to move across the country for the sake of the woman he loves -- all men should be up for the challenge. Maybe he can start a new trend of men being the ones to load up moving vans with their furniture and personal belongings instead of us gals. Wouldn't that be a welcome change?

Have you ever moved somewhere for a man?


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Elinore J. Krause

The great thing about Emily and Jef - they BOTH have very good morals and with a young, impressionable daughter in the mix, I have even more respect for them by Jef getting his own place where "dating" would be appropriate there but not with Rikki. What great role models they both are.

sheph... shepherdess5

I moved several times being the wife of a military man...it came with the territory.
But this is not always true for every man, especially if they are the bread winner.
Jef has a very successful Company...HE is NOT leaving it behind...he is bringing it with him, because is it portable.  PLUS he is not exactly poor...this guy is a successful entrepreneur who works through missions.  I know that if I was working and my job was the the one that would allow us to live well, MY husband would be more then happy to pack his stuff and move where I will be.  

sheph... shepherdess5

As gallant as you are making this gesture to be (admittedly, it is gallant), there are many working parts that are allowing Jef to move to Charlotte, S.C. and set up residence and give Emily and RIkki there room to adjust to his presence in their lives. I must also point out that his parents are also there in Carolina's working on their mission, which makes it all the better! So in the end...this wasn't a real stretch and was part of her reason for picking him.
Don't get me wrong Jef was my pick from the first....I grew to love this guy more right up till the end and he popped the question. His moving to her area just fits in to his way of being...Jef already has has been entered into my Hall of Noble Men at my forum...the youngest member, I might add.
Continued: This young man has been raised right...Emily would be an idiot to let this gem go!!!
SHe dodged a bullet with Arie...meeting his parents and how rude they were to her would have sunk him for me. Can you impagine how RIkki would have been in that family? I shudder to think.

Cathy Lynn Jones Kvistad

 I have done it and its not easy. Its not easy being in the Military and having a family too. I have packed my sons up when they were young.We even lived over seas. It takes a special person to do it and be with the one you love. People have to pack up and move where the jobs are at now days too. I live in Oregon where the Timber Industry is not doing good at all. Many people lost jobs. Some are moving to where they can find work. Its not easy. All we can do is pray God will answer our prayers letting us get jobs.

Nancy Sherman

I think its pretty awesome to hear him say he was getting his own place as well, being that we always hear at the After The Rose show that they are moving in together. How refreshing to hear there are still some old-fashioned people out there with MORALS!

MrsCh... MrsChurch

I love those two together! I hope they make it!

nonmember avatar Janice Mitchell

I'm so happy for them three, its a fairy tale ending! I think the move is for little

Ricki, and thats the best thing for her to adjust! I see Jef being am amazing father., just as Emily is a mother. I cant wait for the wedding.... :) <3

I wish I had a love like that! :)

Cindy Brown

That's what my man did for me-with two kinds-4 years ago... And we're still together!

Cindy Brown

I meant kids, not kinds... Sorry!

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