Cute Dog Decides to Have a Seat ... on Little Boy's Head (VIDEO)

nicole fabian-weberLife with a baby and a dog can get interesting. Whenever I put my daughter on her "activity mat," up strolls my dog -- my dog who is not bathed nearly as much as he was before baby -- and plops himself down. I love the little guy to death, but I really don't want his doggie germs all over my newborn (even though, I know, a little dirt is good for babies). That said, though, there really is nothing cuter than dogs and kids together.

Being that my daughter is only 3 months old, we still have a ways to go before she's yuckin' it up with my pup, but I often find myself daydreaming of how cute they'll be with each other when she gets a bit bigger. I do not, however, daydream of my dog sitting on her head while she's innocently laying on the floor, watching TV. But, from the looks of this video, it might be kind of hilarious if it did happen.

Don't believe me? Watch this dog come up and sit on this poor little dude's head!


Kind of amazing. Kind of hilarious. And kind of makes me happy I only have a shih tzu.

How cute/funny/weird is this?


Image via PETSAMI/YouTube

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